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Vacancy Announcement VA20P052V01

Senior Project Manager

Posting Date:                                    06/03/2020

Deadline for Applications:             31/03/2020 

Duty Station:                                   Turkey, Ankara

Start Date:                                         01/06/2020 

Contract Duration:                          12 Months 

Type of Post:                                    Local 

Organisational Overview:

The International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) is an international organisation tasked with promoting innovative, comprehensive and sustainable migration policies. With 17 Member States and over 60 projects active throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, ICMPD is a growing and ever-more relevant presence in its field. The organisation’s greatest assets are its 200+ staff members, who personify its values of commitment, integrity, partnership, respect, and innovation in actions and decisions.

Project Overview:

ICMPD is inviting all interested candidates to apply for the Senior Project. The position of Senior Project Manager is based in ICMPD’s Ankara Office, as part of Western Balkans and Turkey Regional Coordination Office and reports to the Regional Coordinator. The Senior Project Manager is responsible for development of the project portfolio and for programmatic oversight to initiation and implementation of projects as well as directly manage the assigned projects within the Turkey related portfolio of the Regional Coordination Office. Please note that this position is subject to approval and availability of project funds.

Job Description:

The Senior Project Manager is responsible for programmatic oversight to implementation of projects in Turkey, for development of new projects within the portfolio, and kick-off and initiation of new projects and oversight of implementation of projects within the assigned portfolio.

Ensuring consistency with the regional and organisational strategies and synergies, the Senior Project Manager identifies new project opportunities, plans and coordinates project formulation processes by identifying potential partners and donors as well as by planning project resourcing. The Senior Project Manager supports the development and implementation of the regional strategy, develops and cultivates relationships with donor and project partners and actively contributes to resources mobilisation activities within the regional programme.

The Senior Project Manager is responsible for the timely initiation and set up of new projects ensuring compliance with ICMPD legal framework and country-specific management typologies as well as applicable donor agreements. S/he coordinates the timely deployment of project teams and 2 establishment of project offices in close collaboration with relevant HQ units. S/he proactively monitors progress of portfolio implementation through established systems and procedures and provides continuous feedback on financial and operational performance to project managers prompting performance improvements as required. The Senior Project Manager ensures that planning, and implementation processes are applied by the projects and that timely reporting to donors and through corporate systems is undertaken by the projects within her/his portfolio.

Senior Project Manager, when assigned to directly manage a project or projects within the portfolio of the Regional Coordination Office, will be responsible to exercise the responsibilities of project manager, in accordance with the generic functions thereof, as determined by the ICMPD Job Evaluation Standard.

The Senior Project Manager works under the supervision of the Regional Coordinator and in close collaboration with the Project Teams in the region and the staff of the Regional Coordination Office. S/he supervises Project Managers and works in close cooperation with the Heads of Offices in the countries within her/his assigned portfolio. The Senior Project Manager maintains effective working relationships with all relevant Directorates, Units and the Brussels Mission to collaborate, to ensure effective information flows, organise and coordinate activities as well as to solicite organisational effectiveness and achievement of results across ICMPD.

The Senior Manager works collaboratively with a wide range of external stakeholders, partners and donors relevant to the regional programme across countries and organisations.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

1. Participation in strategic direction and partnerships:

  • Support development and formulation of the regional strategy. Participate in strategic dialogues
  • within the ICMPD and with partners in the process of regional strategy formulation.
  • Formulate inputs to regional strategy documents, related work plans and regional business
  • processes. Introduce readjustments, update and revise documents to reflect changes.
  • Support the development of regional resource mobilisation strategies.
  • Actively seek to identify new project and funding opportunities at the regional level aligned with
  • the regional priorities.
  • Develop and cultivate relations with donors relevant for the regional resource mobilisation
  • strategy and actively support activities to mobilise resources.
  • Actively communicate results and advocate for ICMPD approaches and strategies with regional partners and donors.
  • Represent ICMPD in official events, meetings and conference when required or when requested in close coordination with RC and Head of Offices.

2. Development and initiation of projects:

  • Identify new project opportunities through an ongoing analysis of the developments in the region, the lessons learnt and dialogue with ICMPD staff, beneficiaries and project partners and other stakeholders and in consistency with the strategic direction.
  • Develop concepts for new initiatives within the regional portfolio.
  • Plan and coordinate project formulation processes. Coordinate deployment of internal and external expertise towards project formulation as required.
  • Undertake missions for project identification and formulation. Provide quality control and advice towards concepts and drafts.
  • Draft project proposals and documents of key strategic importance.
  • Identify potential project and consortia partners. Develop and agree project level partnership arrangements and negotiate partnering arrangements. Negotiate and agree with project partners on aspects related to project design.
  • Coordinate proposal and project document drafting processes ensuring the substantive and programmatic quality of documentation for best practice and lessons learnt. Coordinate peer review of project proposals as needed.
  • Plan project resourcing by defining organisational structure and staffing requirements and key budgetary parameters in close collaboration with relevant HQ units and in line with ICMPD procedures.
  • Address issues and solve bottlenecks during the project formulation and initiation in consultation with relevant partners and donors.

3. Initiation of regional and country-level projects:

  • Ensure compliance of new projects with ICMPD legal framework and country-specific management typology, security procedures and other relevant aspects in collaboration with respective HQ units.
  • Guide and oversee set-up and initiation of new projects.
  • Coordinate timely deployment of project teams, participate in selection of project managers and senior project staff.
  • Coordinate and ensure the physical establishment of projects and operationalisation of new projects to point of handover to project managers.
  • Ensure and supervise the prompt start of the project by the project team.

4. Oversight of portfolio:

  • Monitor progress of portfolio implementation maintaining an updated overview of implementation of all aspects of the portfolio including a comprehensive financial overview.
  • Provide feedback on financial and operational performance to project managers prompting performance improvements as required.
  • Monitor financial implementation of projects throughout the assigned portfolio ensuring adherence to set financial targets and timelines. Provide feedback to project managers on project financial performance and advice to address challenges and bottlenecks.
  • Provide strategic advice and trouble-shooting support to project teams as required.
  • Maintain an overview of project reporting to donors and according to corporate requirements.
  • Prepare regular reports on the performance of portfolio in line with corporate reporting requirements.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with donors on issues related to implementation of the portfolio or specific project-level challenges.
  • Identify and formulate lessons learned and best practices from projects implementation to feed into formulation of new projects.

5. Team management:

  • Provide guidance and supervision to the project managers within the assigned portfolio.
  • Ensure effective and transparent communications with project managers and keep project managers abreast with developments relating to ICMPD.
  • Evaluate the performance of the supervisees according to ICMPD´s performance management system, report on performance to Regional Coordinator as required.
  • Provide guidance to the project managers on the application of ICMPD procedures in the planning, and implementation of projects to project managers.
  • Ensure by collaboration with the Heads of Offices, a proper and transparent performance monitoring of project managers.

Key Results:

  • High-quality inputs provided to formulation of regional strategies and work plans.
  • Partnership networks and relationships with range of actors and stakeholders – both implementing
  • partners and donors – within the potfolio developed and managed.
  • Portfolio-related resource mobilisation activities implemented in a results-oriented manner.
  • New initiatives identified in line with regional strategies.
  • Project concepts developed and formulated for regional and country level implementation.
  • New projects at regional and country levels operationalised and initiated in a timely manner.
  • Oversight over project level planning and implementation ensured, and accurate project
  • performance indicators and recommended corrective measures developed.
  • Strategic advice, guidance on application of rules and procedures and trouble-shooting support to
  • implementation of projects provided.
  • Performance of the project managers within the portfolio supervised and evaluated.

Incumbent Profile:

  • A minimum of 8 years of position-relevant experience in management of complex, multistakeholder, and donor initiatives in the field of migration.
  • Substantive knowledge of migration related matters.
  • Strong experience in development and formulation of projects across various sectors.
  • Proven experience in developing solutions to multi-dimensional (political/technical) problems.
  • Substantive knowledge of the region and regional migration challenges
  • Proven experience in development of partnerships, resources mobilisation for new initiatives and formulation of projects.
  • Strong negotiation and communication skills.
  • Strong advisory competence on project management issues.
  • Experience in management of project teams and experts.

Corporate Qualifications:

  • Experience in an international context as an international staff and/or expert.
  • Proficiency in (verbal/written) Turkish and English
  • Master´s degree related to the area of work.


ICMPD offers an attractive compensation package. This position is classified at LP4. Additional benefits include participation in the ICMPD Provident Fund, Health and Accident Insurance, six weeks’ annual leave and, where applicable, dependent’s and mobility allowances.

Application Procedure:

Interested candidates are requested to submit their application in English through the ICMPD online recruitment system at by midnight (CET) of the closing date specified above. For this purpose, candidates will first need to register with the ICMPD website. Once the relevant data has been entered, candidates will be able to apply for vacancies.

Please note that in the course of the online application, the motivation letter and personal CV must be uploaded in the EuropeAid format in English. The template is available for download at

All applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible after the vacancy has been posted and well before the deadline stated above. Applications received after the published deadline, and offline applications submitted via email, fax or post, will not be considered.

Due to the high volume of applications, only short-listed candidates will be contacted and applicants are expected to be available for a personal/telephone interview.

In the event of a technical issue with your application, please click apply/başvur button

General Information:

ICMPD retains the discretion to re-advertise the vacancy or to cancel the recruitment.