Dirpolis Institute Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa Second Call for Visiting and External Faculty Fellows 2020-2021 For the Strategic Project on “Governance for Inclusive Societies”



The DIRPOLIS (Law and Political Sciences) Institute has a peculiar nature among the Sant’Anna School’s Institutes. Contrary to almost all of the other Institutes, it has a strong interdisciplinary connotation as it brings together the Law and Political Sciences components of the School. Its faculty is currently composed of 27 members (11 full professors, 6 associate professors, 10 assistant professors). About 20 research assistants (Assegnisti di Ricerca) and about 10 staff persons dealing with administrative issues and/or as Course tutor, are currently working at DIRPOLIS on a temporary basis (most of them are entirely or to a significant amount financed through external funds). The DIRPOLIS Institute runs a yearly budget of about 2.5-3 million euro.

More information at: https://www.santannapisa.it/en/institute/dirpolis/institute-law-politics-and- development

As explicitly mentioned in the Sant’Anna School’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan (MSP), the Scuola has identified the DIRPOLIS Institute as one of the actors which will spearhead federative activities with the Scuola Normale Superiore (SNS, notably with its Class of Political and Social Sciences, CPSS).

The Dirpolis Law and Political Sciences components aim at increasing their reputation and overall standing in both national and international contexts by being more focused and integrated.


The Strategic Project is one of the tools the DIRPOLIS Institute intends to employ to create an academic environment which will enable the faculty to orient its research and teaching activities in light of the common theme identified (i.e. Governance for Inclusive Societies).

The aim is to reorient the activities of the remaining part of DIRPOLIS. This decision implements the recommendations contained in the latest report of the Institute International Advisory Board in which the Institute has been invited to develop a coherent academic identity so as to create a “corporate image”, which would make the Institute and its research and teaching outputs more recognizable.

In line with the Strategic Objectives stated above, the implementation of the present project will require, within the next three years, the adoption of coherent choices fostering of the Institute infrastructures, the recruitment of new staff members and the planning of educational and training activities.

All this is expected to contribute to the conduct of multidisciplinary, state-of-the-art research aimed at critically examining existing governance theories and practices, while at the same time developing innovative strategies that can be employed at various levels to effectively ensure democratic inclusion and respect for individual rights, as well as the development of educational paths on the above subjects’


The DIRPOLIS Institute at the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa invites outstanding scholars to apply for Visiting Professorships (for a period between 3 and 12 months), starting date between October 2020 and October 2021. Please note that the period of visiting could be subject to change, according to the evolution of Covid-19 health emergency and possible Italian law restrictions for the entry in the country.

The purpose of the Visiting and External Faculty Scholarship is to raise the Institute international profile through the development of teaching and research co-operation between Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and the faculties of partner universities and research centers. These activities have to be consistent with the above mentioned Strategic Project 2019-22 on ‘Governance for Inclusive Societies’.

Proposals have to be based on the collaboration between the visiting scholar and the Institute. Teaching and research activities have to be designed to contribute to the Dirpolis activity.

The Strategic Project serves as Leitmotiv of future teaching and research efforts and focuses on the study of forms of governance that ensure the realization of more inclusive societies. The inclusive model of governance that constitutes the scientific base of the Strategic Project encompasses some thematic areas (or pillars) upon which the faculty interprets and develops the concept of “Governance for inclusive Societies”, converging a coherent path of educational and research activities, which has already started to characterize the Institute:

• Democracy, Human Rights and the Rule of Law, whose activities will be mainly developed by the dialogue between public law and constitutional law, international law, legal theory,

political philosophy, gender studies, political science, comparative law, and an inclusive European private law in the digital society (see e.g. our research already conducted on social services, welfare, family, public order, fragile statehood, dataveillance, digital personhood, human rights, and immigration).

  • Integrity, whose activities will mainly deal with the area of criminal law, public policy analysis, ethics in research (see e.g. our research conducted on business integrity, human security, interplay between legal and ethical rules).
  • Security and Governance of New Technologies and Risks, whose activities will be mainly addressed by the interplay of the areas of security studies, political philosophy, private law, comparative private law, international law (see e.g. our activities on crisis response, transnational threats, conflict management, data protection, IP, health, market and insurance);
  • Sustainability, whose activities will be mainly developed by the area of agri-environmental law, private and public law (see e.g. our activities on food and environment, administrative law, and social inclusion and vulnerabilities).DIRPOLIS welcomes applications for two types of visiting positions: 1) visiting senior scholar; 2) visiting junior scholar.Visiting Senior ScholarVisiting professors carry out teaching and research activities (as well as develop academic cooperation) and spend between 3 and 12 months at DIRPOLIS.The contribution for visiting professors – full professor level -, subject to current Italian taxation, ranges from €3,600.00 to €4,000.00 per month, depending on seniority and length of stay.The contribution for visiting professors – associate professor level -, subject to current Italian taxation*, ranges from €2,700.00 to €3,000.00 per month, depending on seniority and length of stay.Applicants must indicate in their application the preferred visiting period between October 2020 and October 2021. Please note that the fee is subject to: 1) social security contributions, according to Law 335/95; 2) taxation, according to Italian Presidential Decree 600/73 (20% taxation, for people resident in Italy or 30% taxation for people not resident in Italy).
    For people not resident in Italy, in order to avoid double taxation on income, you need to provide a certificate issued by the competent tax authority of your country proving your tax residency.(Please check the list of double taxation agreement (DTAT) drawn up by the Italian government at http://www.agenziaentrate.gov.it/wps/content/Nsilib/Nsi/Strumenti/Modelli/ModulisticaAP/Modelli+di+dichiarazione/2007/Unico+PF+2007/Fascicol o_2/Convenzioni_contro_le_doppie_imposizioni.html).

The type of employment contract will be continuous and coordinated contractual relationship.

Visiting Junior Scholar

Visiting junior scholars carry out teaching and research activities (as well as develop academic cooperation) and spend between 3 and 12 months at DIRPOLIS.

The contribution for visiting junior scholars, subject to current Italian taxation*, ranges from €1,800.00 to €2,000.00 per month, depending on seniority and length of stay.

Applicants must indicate in their application the preferred visiting period between October 2020 and October 2021.

The type of employment contract will be continuous and coordinated contractual relationship.

Selection Procedure and Criteria

The available positions are assigned through a competitive selection procedure, carried out by a Selection Committee of DIRPOLIS on the base of 100 scores, according to the following criteria:

  1. Quality of the CV
  2. Quality of the proposal

3. Coherence of the proposal with the Dirpolis Strategic

Project (at least one of the pillars mentioned above)

Maximum score, 20 pts Maximum score, 40 pts Maximum score, 40 pts

Maximum total score, 100 pts

The Selection Committee will draw up a ranking list of visiting candidates on the base of available positions. The list of selected candidates will be published on the web site (see the application form).

1 July 2020: application deadline at 12:00 p.m. (Italian local time) 15 July 2020: publication of selection results

How to Apply

Interested scholars must submit, by the deadline indicated above, the following documents to email address: [email protected]
In the e-mail object, please specify “Call visiting fellows Dirpolis”

– Application form, with reference to:
o the period during which the scholarship would take place (starting date between

October 2020 and October 2021);
o the area of interest (disciplinary area and the pillar of the Strategic Project); o the Dirpolis professor(s) to collaborate with;
o Summary of the planned activities (including teaching and research);

  • –  Detailed Activity Plan;
  • –  Curriculum vitae;
  • –  Scanned copy of ID Card or Passport.For selected visiting fellows: FacilitiesDIRPOLIS provides office facilities and access to the Canteen. Any additional costs, included transportation, accommodation, food, visa etc. will have be covered by the visitors.For any further detail or information about VISA issue and Stay Permit application please do not hesitate to visit our web page www.santannapisa.it/en/internazionale/welcome-and-support or contact:
    International Relations Office – e-mail: [email protected] – tel.: +39 050 883712/705 – fax +39 050 883234.In order to provide you with assistance and information on your arrival, you will be invited by email to click on a link and complete an Application Form for the welcoming procedures.Regulatory FrameworkThis call is published on the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies website within the section “Admission, recruitments and tenders”-“Work with us – Personale docente e ricercatore”- “International Scouting”(https://www.santannapisa.it/en/cercaselezioni/expiring/international_scouting/personale_docente_e _ricercatore)and it is issued according to:
  • The Statute of Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies
  • The Regulation of Administration, Finance and Accounting of Sant’Anna School
  • The Sant’Anna School Administration Manual
  • The Dirpolis Institute Regulation
  • The Regulation on visiting professor and researcher
  • The Dirpolis Institute Strategic Project 2019The Administrative person in charge of the project is dr. Mario Toscano, Administrative Responsible of the Dirpolis Institute ([email protected]).For information regarding the call, please refer to the Director of the DIRPOLIS Institute, professor Andreas de GUTTRY: [email protected]

Director of the DIRPOLIS Institute Prof. Andreas de GUTTRY

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